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The Cycle


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Breaking the Cycle

Cycle on Repeat

1. Living with Abuse

Living with an abusive partner breaks you down mentally, emotionally and physically until even the simplest decisions are overwhelming. Self-worth and care can become a distant memory as your abuser breaks you down daily.


2. Reaching Out

Reaching out for help when you are living with abuse is overwhelming, as you have been coercively controlled and find it difficult to trust your own intuition or sense of deserving better. The abuse has been normalised.


3. Crisis Care Support

The crisis care system in Australia is under resourced and struggles to provide support women during the crisis stage and there is limited ability to provide long term care. This is where women fall through the gaps.


4. Survival

Leaving an abusive relationship is traumatising as the abuser would have had complete power and control. There is so much to organise and learning to live in the world, outside of abuse, is overwhelming. Once the period of crisis care is over, this can become debilitating.


5. Isolation & Loneliness

The loneliness and isolation can at times feel as debilitating as living with abuse and this often leads to the person trying to survive; or to return to their abuser, as they have now assumed the role of saviour, in order to gain power and control; or rely on other unhealthy people and/or behaviours.

1. Connection

Building connections is challenging when recovering from abuse. The retreat gives women a chance to connect to other women who understand what they have been through. The H+H program offers a sense of belonging and connection.

2. Education

Education of body/mind/spirit functioning is empowering to an individual. Learning tools on how to rewire the body and mind, supports a person's ability to rewire their life. This enlivens a sense of self-esteem and self-understanding where wellbeing, compassion and connection to themselves is developed.


3. Experience

H+H transformational package incorporates the importance of experiential learning. Learning is not only through the head, it requires action. Taking women through an immersion of embodied activations that invoke, ignite and elevate women to an embodied transformation.


4. Transformation

Within H+H transformational package, women modify inside out, they feel the change, they experience the techniques and they are given keys to gain access to their internal power, wisdom, intuition and vibrancy. This is where the blueprint of old patterns of generational trauma is transcended. Ways in building a life to thrive is opened.


5. Community

Within H+H transformational package woman become lifelong members of a thriving world within the H+H community.

The Cycle

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Daisy is free and connects women around Australia to services providing support for the impacts of sexual assault family violence and domestic violence.

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If you, or anyone you know, needs support, please reach out. Here are some links to find support:

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