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Hope and Heal is a collective of dedicated and qualified professionals. All with lived experience who have come together to create a program that changes lives.


Nadine Taylor


Nadine is the founder of hope+heal, uniting a group of talented professionals with a common purpose: To relieve the suffering of women who have experienced family violence through meditation and mindfulness and self-care and awareness.

Nadine is also a domestic violence advocate and public speaker. Het passion for helping others work through trauma and experience connection has meant these retreats have become critical for those women wanting to better themselves and the lives of those around them.

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Celeste Heazlett


Celeste has been a full-time therapist since 2001 after completing a Diploma in Natural Therapies and a Dip in Remedial Massage at the Australasian College of Natural Therapies. Celeste has studied and been trained in Shiatsu, Hot Stone Massage, Lomi Lomi, Pregnancy and Sports Massage. She has studied Reflexology, Polarity Therapy and Nutrition and also Bach and Bush Flower Remedies.  In 2002 to 2005 she attended the Chiara College of Metaphysics completing a course in Advanced Spiritual Healing.

Celeste later completed a Certification in Clinical Hypnosis at the Academy of Applied Hypnosis and this year completed an Accredited Certification in Crystal Healing and also a Certification in Neuroscience at The Neuroscience Academy.  

M - 0410 616 737


Lisa Bradfield


I use instruments with beautiful sounds that heal and restore balance to our physical bodies and hopefully transform lives. I do this through sound baths or one to one sessions at my home studio in Coogee.

Although talking therapy is beneficial, it concentrates on external events potentially increasing the energy behind the feeling, whereas, the soft frequency of sound and vibration can make subtle internal shifts within ourselves.  

We can very quickly move from a place of anxiety to one of relaxation and peace.

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Bess Rossiter


Bess is a communications specialist turned public servant. Her career has spanned aviation,  shareholder relations and PR, gender equality, development programs, and foreign affairs.

She has experience in advocacy and business development for humanitarian organisations, and has worked on the elimination of trafficking and slavery, and combatting gender-based violence. She is passionate about ethical fashion and transparent supply chains.


Nickolas Yu

Nickolas works in healthcare and is known for his commitment to supporting wellness and compassion, and ability to support growth and transformation in people. He has been at the forefront of introducing meditation and coaching training in hospitals throughout Sydney.


Carmel Catanuto

Carmel is a Gestalt therapist, Counsellor and Art therapist in Sydney. Her passion is seeing women in despair, flourish with a solid sense of inner resilience. Carmel supports women re-connect to themselves bringing hope and confidence in decision making.

Using a holistic approach she safely guides clients into having healthier relationships and a better way of living. Carmel counsels people in private sessions as well as groups.


Jan Christie


For over 22 years Jan has worked with women and children in the domestic and family
violence field in a variety of services including specialist trauma counselling.

Her focus is helping women understand the impact their experience of trauma has had on their brain and their body. Hearing thousands of women’s experience of abuse Jan understands the need for a specialist trauma response. Women’s stories and feedback have informed Jan in the development of her therapeutic and educational workshops, concentrating on the neuroscience of trauma and strategies for empowerment. Jan advocates the need for women to create safe and stable connections with other women. Connection facilitates healing and knowledge builds personal power.

BA. Psychology
Grad. Dip. Counselling
Grad. Cert. Developmental Trauma


Tarsila Motta


Tarsila is a certified energy and sound healing practitioner with the purpose of deep and true transformation using holistic techniques and tools such as energy healing (including reiki), sound therapy, crystal healing, meditative practices and the healing powers of nature.

These techniques have the power of transforming all levels of our being into more harmonious, coherent and aware states, entraining our brain waves, resetting our nervous system and supporting us so we can be the best version of ourselves, living our full potential.


Ana Balta


Ana has a diverse range of both professional and life experience covering a 20 year career in advertising, marketing and design.

She has also completed Diplomas in both Counselling and Community Services and with her extensive volunteer work across animal welfare, homelessness and Domestic Violence in NSW and the ACT, the work she does with H+H is a accumulation of her passion for helping the most vulnerable in our society.


Ivana Iynaifa


I am Ivana Iyanifa, an oracle, diviner, teacher, speaker, wise woman and Ifa Priestess of the Yoruba tradition. I am also a medicine woman of Slovenian lineage. I help you find your direction, feel fulfilled and move through the cycles of life with grace and clarity. You can shift from despair to abundance, and from fear to love.

My work moves beyond simply offering hope and perspective. I give you tools you can use to feel free, empowered, inspired and reconnected.


Carole Richardson


My focus is to hold space for the individual. To really connect, to see and hear the person in front of me. In this safe environment I allow energy to flow though me. The techniques I use, be it massage, Reiki, crystal healing or somatic healing are designed to bring balance and homeostasis to the body mind and spirit. I thrive to better myself by practising Reiki and mediation, to embody the Reiki precepts, to be compassionate, patient and kind to myself and others. 

I have practiced massage for 14 years, Reiki 12 years, crystal healing , 7 years and somatic healing 3 years. The professional bodies I belong to are Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS) and Australian Reiki Connection (ARC)

You can contact me at


Tara Fischer


Tara Fischer has been in the holistic healing field for 25 years having come from her own history of trauma she embodies the work she teaches. She is a Multidisciplinary trauma -informed therapist with a wide range of tools in her kit ranging from kundalini dance, family and nature constellations, emotional clearing/counselling, DAre Practitioner (Dynamic Attachment repatterning experience), and the ceremonial arts to name a few.

She has a deep passion assisting women to build their inner and outer resources so they can move towards a life that is enriching and joyful.


Taylor Baker


My passion is to contribute and work with organisations, like Hope + Heal, that strives to improve a community’s needs and an individual's quality of life.

As an International Relations, Development, and Culture Studies Graduate from Macquarie University, I have acquired extensive experience working within administration, customer service, retail, project management, and public speaking roles across the international aid/development, non for profit, and disability/aged care sector.


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