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Hope + Heal is a not for profit organisation that provides free weekend residential retreats in NSW, for women survivors of domestic violence.


The women will experience a safe and nurturing environment, where basic needs are met, allowing time for rest, respite, and self care.

The amazing team of women facilitators and professionals will provide an opportunity for women to learn mindfulness and meditation, yoga, art therapy and massage and pamper sessions.

Hope + Heal also plans to help those attending the retreats, gain access to ongoing services and support that are available in the community.

hope+heal is a not-for-profit

My Story

My name is Nadine Taylor and I am a survivor of domestic violence.

A serious attack by a man I loved almost took my life.
Alone in a foreign country with a young son, I realised that the only person that could save or protect me was me.

I found the courage to turn my life around and began the process of healing from years of psychological and physical abuse that had left me with chronic PTSD.

I started to meditate and develop various tools, strategies and proven coping mechanisms to help me let go of my anger and fear that had controlled me.  I learnt to show myself the love and compassion I truly deserved.

Through my journey, I hope to empower women to heal in a safe and
nurturing environment.
hope+heal was established in 2015 by a small team of professionals who like me wanted to make a difference in the lives of women and children who had been affected by domestic violence.


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"I would never of thought I would be going on a retreat, I would never have thought I would have met these women. A journey that could be really hard, I know this sounds sick, but its turned into something really magical“

"I would definitely recommend this retreat to women who have experienced domestic or family violence on any level“

“Alot of the information I got from Marie was incredibly powerful and having a chat with the other ladies and seeing what they have gone through and taking away any lessons from that, has been really effective“

hope+heal is a not-for-profit

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