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We take referrals from organisations dealing with victims of domestic abuse & family violence.
We engage with clients who are ready for the next step post crisis.

Want to be a referral partner?

Do you have clients that are ready to embody strategies and concepts to empower their steps moving forward?


All clients who are H+H participants require approval from a therapist or GP and are able to come to our programs with the support of their therapist or GP.


If you have someone who is ready for such a process please email us.​

We will liaise with you:

Suitability of your client for the experience

Develop a relationship for ongoing referrals

Give feedback of the experience

What each participant will receive

3 Day Trauma-Informed Retreat

H+H collate a space and ingredients of transformation. Our 3-day intensives are specifically designed immersions to unlock a woman’s ability to hear intuition, take practical steps and develop the self-esteem required in unlocking the key to themselves.


Women are supported in safety as a group exploring a range of modalities for holistic health, wellbeing and development, opening the door to whole health of the whole human. Developing an individual's capacity to move from survival to taking steps to build a life to thrive, takes awareness of the resources that are available to do so, it also takes attention to the practices a woman can do every day to feed and fuel their furnace of empowerment. 

Hope + Heal Community & Connection

Each client will feel connected through a Facebook group, ongoing events and meetups throughout the year creating a sense of belonging with aligned minds and hearts. 

We Need Your Support Today!

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